A symphony of light and refreshing citrus fruits, orchestrated with Sicilian lemon
and nuanced with the woody notes of the cypress

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Eau d'Hadrien

Perfumed candle 175 g

The Eau d'Hadrien candle will subtly perfume your room thanks to its sparkling composition in which a touch of lemons from Sicily and grapefruits blend with the subtle notes of citron and cypress.
Rediscover the pleasure of that famous fragrance in this elegant candle, presented in a clear glass streaked with gold and light and adorned with the Annick Goutal logo. A true decorative object.

Manufacturing process: Annick Goutal candles are composed of a blend of high-quality brand-specific mineral waxes. They are the result of decades of research and are perfectly suitable for perfumed candle-making. The base is the same for all fragrances but the quantities of the components may vary from one fragrance to the next, to ensure optimum burn.
The wicks used are cotton and waxed so that they remain upright when the candle melts during burning.
Each candle is treated with the utmost care. An exclusively handcrafted know-how.

Hints and Tips For a better use of your candle :
During each use, particularly the first combustion, we recommend you to let your candle burn a few hours in order to harmonize the level of the wax and to thus avoid the formation of a hollow. However, do not let it burn more than 4 hours continuously.
The wax still being liquid, make sure, after extinguishing it, that the wick is centered and vertical. It will burn cleaner and evenly down to the bottom of the glass.
Before each use, cut the wick short (less than 1cm) to avoid long dark smoke.
Finally, note that the diffusion being slow and gradual, the fragrance will be revealed after ½ hour.
To intensify the scent in a large room, we advise you to use the home spray of the same fragrance Eau d'Hadrien or to associate it with the 70gr candles sold in a set.

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