A powerful spell, fusing the freshness of star anise and the chypre intensity of patchouli

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Mandragore Pourpre

Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml

Thus a love potion that deploys its spellbinding powers, Mandragore Pourpre releases aromatic, spicy and cyprus energies...
The refreshing swirl of bergamot, mint and star anis is improved with resinous and spicy notes such as rosemary, geranium and black pepper. Back notes become passionate and use their enigmatic charm : sensual and fiery patchouli, zestful and fruity myrtle, intense incense and powdered and distinguished heliotrope.
Upon skin contact, the intrigue is infinitely attractive...

The eau de toilette is presented in the pure and elegant square bottle dressed with a label inspired by cigar bands.
It is showcased in a sumptuous natural warm beige jewel-gift set.

Hints and Tips The head notes are identical to the fragrance Mandragore but are accentuated and more intense in this composition : more aromatic and spicy. For this reason, we recommend you to associate the two fragrances together, Mandragore Pourpre bringing a new chypré note.

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