When travelling, this new and original format can be enjoyed at all latitudes

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Eau de Monsieur 50 ml

Eau de Toilette Spray 50 ml

When travelling, Annick Goutal proposes a new original format that can be enjoyed at all latitudes : the 50 ml Travel spray bottle.
Presented in the fragrance Eau de Monsieur, From the outset, its charm is apparent, sparkling with the fresh notes of mandarin and bergamot, bursting with mint and the bracing and woody elegance of juniper, so fitting for the chic spontaneous and incisive style of Eau de Monsieur. Do not fooled by its lightness ! Like a panther moving stealthily, it gradually reveals its subtle richness and fiery personality. Behind the facade of freshness lies a surprising depth. Far from out-moded male fragrances, it is inspired by camphorated and aromatic artemesia and the impertinent and voluptuous audacity of geranium from Egypt. Rounded off with delicate spices, unsuspected pleasures to come are promised. It is unafraid to reveal its deeper layers of warm, cypress notes of sandalwood and Java patchouli and unable to hide its true sensuality.

The eau de toilette is presented in the square travel spray bottle, with sober lines, dressed in an elegant cigar box casing.

Hints and Tips A discovery size crimped spray magnified in a set whose elegant design fits to the Masculine Collection. A permanent item. Also, the perfect object for the globe trotters or the business men who want to indulge themselves and never got a part from their favorite perfume.

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