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The Scented Diffuser

The Annick Goutal Home Collection is welcoming a new addition with the creation of a Fragrance Diffuser. Composed of an elegant glass bottle containing 190ml of perfume and eight scented sticks, it subtly diffuses continuously the magic scent of Christmas for several weeks. True to the spirit of the perfumery houseís Home Collection, inspired by the French Art de Vivre, the Fragrance Diffuser is presented in a clear glass streaked with gold and light and adorned with the Annick Goutal logo. It is showcased in a beautiful embossed gold and subtle pearl grey case. It becomes an original decorative object and gives a touch of sophistication to every room in your home.

Use : Place the scented sticks in the bottle as you would a bouquet of flowers in a vase. The sticks then absorb the fragrance through capillary action, thus diffusing its scent. To reactive it, remember to turn the stems around regularly.
The scent, coming from the slow maceration of carefully-selected raw materials in a blend of alcohol and distilled water, will be definelity noticeable and appreciable after 24 hours and will last for two months.

Hints and Tips The intensity of the fragrance varies according to the number of sticks used :
For a light and discreet diffusion, remove a few sticks from the glass.
For an intense diffusion, use all the sticks, turn them over more regularly and stir them delicately inside the liquid.
Do not light on sticks. Do not put it on a fragile surface: tablecloth, waxed or varnished furniture.
Do not put near heat sources .
Keep out of children's reach.

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