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Perfumed candle 1,5 kg

The ultimate luxury...
Annick Goutal's famous home fragrance NoŽl, delicious combination of bitter orange, mandarin and Siberian pine, is available in a generous format of 1,5kg.
This four wicks candle is completely handmade : pouring the wax into the glass, gluing and straightening the wicks in the wax, cutting the wicks and packaging. As a safety-measure, a wich-guard has been placed 5mm from the bottom of the candle to avoid the glass overheating and breaking towards the end of burning.
This elegant candle, presented in a hand screen-printed clear glass streaked with gold and light and adorned with the Annick Goutal logo, will release its delicious fragrance over a period of about 200 hours... A true decorative object.
Presented in a sumptuous pearl grey hatbox closed with an ottoman ribbon, it will make all the lovers of the magic of Christmas dream.

A fantastic gift idea !

Hints and Tips For a better use of your candle :
During each use, particularly the first combustion, we recommend you to let your candle burn a few hours in order to harmonize the level of the wax and to thus avoid the formation of a hollow. However, do not let it burn more than 4 hours continuously. Finally, note that the diffusion being slow and gradual, the fragrance will be revealed after Ĺ hour.
Cut the wicks short (between 0,5 and 1cm) to avoid long dark smoke.
For safety reason, this candle will not burn until the complete consumption of the wax.
To intensify the scent in a large room, we advise you to use the home spray of the same fragrance NoŽl or to associate it with the 70gr candles sold in a set.

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