A sparkling bouquet of radiant peonies mixed the tangy accords of redcurrant and pomegranate

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Quel Amour !

Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml

The discreet scent of peonies, suggestive of a budding impudence, is enhanced with a blend of wild roses and geranimum rosa, mingled with sweet cravings of red currants, pomegranates, cherries and wine peaches.
An eau de parfum like a beautiful bouquet, reminiscent of the perfect spring day... and of new love between a man and a woman.
Quel Amour ! A sparkling and joyful fragrance for a woman, bursting with love, yet modest enough so that the slightest compliment makes her blush the colour of peonies...

The perfume is presented in the famous ribbed bottle knotted by hand with a gold ribbon "tie" that falls perfectly against the bottle.
It is showcased in an elegant natural white colour jewel-gift set.

Hints and Tips The two concentrations of this fragrance provide different effects on the skin and offer a beautiful holding : the eau de toilette gives a sparkling trail whereas the floral notes appear in a more intense way in eau de parfum. Two feelings to be discovered and appreciated.
The Splendide body cream can wonderfully be combined with that scent, as well as the Petite Chérie body cream

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