An absolutely chic, chypre creation offering a blend of bewitching patchouli,
mellow plum and powdered iris

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Mon Parfum Chéri

Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml

For all who have worn it and loved it, Mon Parfum Chéri is back in the spotlight for the pleasure of all fans of this intense and mysterious fragrance. Mon Parfum Chéri Par Camille, with its retro silhouette, is an audacious, opulent and sensual chypre. Absolutely chic, like fire under ice...

Within the first seconds, seduction is in the spotlight with the Indonesian patchouli casting an aura of mystery. Like a feathered boa, the liqueur-like plum winds there languorously when the powdery notes of irises, violets and heliotropin suddenly rise to the skin's surface, as smooth as fine lingerie. Finally, the patchouli progressively melds in to create a bewitching, spicy fragrance, like a corset bracing the scents.
It becomes the accessory of your sensuality and of the desire of the other one, and might well become "your beloved perfume"...

The perfume is presented in the famous ribbed bottle knotted by hand with an ivory ribbon "tie" that falls perfectly against the bottle.
It is showcased in an elegant natural white colour jewel-gift set.

Hints and Tips Mon Parfum Chéri Par Camille is surprising at first. Let it the time to settle on your skin so that it reveals you all the sensuality of its chyprées notes and of its sweet and sirupy plum.
Associate Mon Parfum Chéri Par Camille with Grand Amour  to intensify its chypre notes, to Musc Nomade to soften it, to La Violette to enhance its sweet and floral notes or to Heure Exquise to leave behind a powdery trail...

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