A chic and voluptuous bouquet of lilies,
mixed with the enveloping and vanilla notes of sensual balms

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Grand Amour

Refill Eau de Parfum 100 ml

For the fans of Grand Amour : the fragrance that speaks about love, because "love is everything"... (Annick Goutal).

Find the precious bouquet of white flowers and the sensual notes of amber and musk in this refill, the content of which you can pour into your traditional spray bottle by unscrewing the pomp.
In order to facilitate the filling, a small gilded metal funnel is enclosed in the packaging.

Hints and Tips This refill allows you to fill the different sizes of bottles available for this fragrance : the feminine ribbed bottle and the Butterfly Bottle. Just unscrew the pomp and pour the content of your refill in it with the funnel. Before that, make sure the bottle is completely empty and without any perfume left.
If you wish to fill your spray bottle with a different perfume than the one it contained first, wash it with alcohol and dry it completely. Do not use water. Also wash the cap and the sprayer so that you don't mix the two fragrances.

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