The Colognes, a harmony of three olfactory creations, fresh, bright, to be shared…

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Eau d'Hadrien

Cologne 50 ml

Discover or rediscover the Eau d'Hadrien Cologne in a brand new 50ml size: a spray with elegant lines and a sophisticated setting.
A Hesperides vibrato around a citrus fruit symphony…

The accord emerges fresh and radiant from the outset, with a host of Italian citrus playing crescendo : lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, bergamote and bitter orange petitgrain. A vibrant eruption exalted by the woody facets of the cypress and the green tones of the Egyptian basil and Tunisian rosemary. Which are then gracefully softened with the arrival of floral and musky notes....
In this Cologne version, the initial ultra fresh notes of the bitter oranger petitgrain then give way to the more aromatic fragrances of basil and rosemary rounded by musk.
A third writing of Eau d'Hadrien, more aromatic and musky than the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum.

Hints and Tips The 50ml size is perfect to discover The Colognes, fresh and luminous creations for delightful moments.
A convenient size highly expected by all those who already love the Cologne in its 200ml bottle for its generous application.
A travel size to bring anywhere with you.
(The bottle is crimped and is not refillable).

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