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Nuit Étoilée

Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml

Oscillating between the coolness of the night and the reassuring warmth of wood, this fragrance first evokes a spontaneous energy of sparkling citrus notes that fuses at the surface of the skin : the invigorating note of citron mellows on contact with the sweet orange.
Gradually, a chilled effect is intensified tenfold by peppermint oil, evoking the thrill of nightfall.
Then, Siberian pine and fir balsam bring a comforting warmth to this wild nature.
In the dead of the night, the fragrance takes on a spicy hint of angelica seeds while everlasting flowers prolong the sensation of delicious warmth in this pristine wilderness.
Nuit Etoilée, a fresh, aromatic, spicy, woody composition for women and men.

The eau de toilette is presented in the pure and elegant square bottle dressed with a label inspired by cigar bands.
It is showcased in a sumptuous natural warm beige jewel-gift set.

Hints and Tips To sublimate this night escapade under the milky way, here are our little secrets… :
A hint of Eau d'Hadrien to awaken the fresh and tonic notes of citrus (eau de toilette, eau de parfum, body cream),
Or a touch of Eau du Sud or Mandragore which aromatic accords bring a burst of energy in the middle of this starry night...
Or a caress of Ninfeo mio to flatter the wooden base,
Or Sables to beautify the spicy warmth of the wild everlasting flowers,
Or Encens Flamboyant, for the fir balsam, common resin to both fragrances, which will transform the composition into a comforting balm as time passes...
And why not Sables, to embellish to spicy warness of everlasting flowers... Also, all the lovers of the mythical candle Noël will fall under the spell of Nuit Etoilée. They will find the flavor of the sweet orange and the heat of Siberian pine. A must-have !

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