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  • Our philosophy - Annick Goutal

    Annick Goutal is a High Perfumery House, guided by the values of its creator and characterized by its remarkable sophistication and the excellent quality of its raw materials. Annick Goutal's secret lies in its talent for transforming emotions into fragrances. Each unique creation represents a moment of happiness, a treasured emotion, or a powerful memory connected to a significant event or even a loved one. It is the age-old quest for eternity. The Annick Goutal house has established itself over the years as the brand favored by those who prefer the authentic to the ostentatious and craftsmanship to mass production.

  • Our Philosophy - Annick Goutal

    Annick Goutal :

    " You must never forget that in the end, the purpose of the perfume is to make you happy. I always have tried to do good, with much love. And I have always kept close a quote I've taken from a book whose name I can't remember: 'Always give back gifts you have received, but not necessarily to those who sent it to you... "

  • Our Philosophy - Camille Goutal

    Camille Goutal :

    “In the imaginary of the perfumery, there is a part of eroticism and sensuality. Certain customers do not use fragrance, but only perfumed body creams, a gesture which corresponds more to them. This is linked to their life, their story, and I am here to help them to find their perfume and listen to their sense. At the age of 40, you are sensual when you feel loved. That is worth all the beauty creams… This self-confidence is then perceived by the others.”