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Our history

  • Our history

    Annick Goutal is an Upscale Perfumery House created in 1981 by one woman with a remarkable destiny. It all began with the moving tale of a young lady rebelling against a seemingly inevitable career as a pianist. After many years studying music, she decided to embrace the opportunity to become a model, a path which aligned perfectly with her innate sense of refinement and genuine elegance. Some time later, a chance encounter with a perfumer from the French town of Grasse would drastically change her life: she discovered within herself a true talent for creating fragrances and embarked upon an artistic olfactory journey, culminating in her own success in creating a brand. In 1980, Annick Goutal opened a small boutique on Rue de Bellechasse, where she presented her creations to her growing clientele. After a few years, her perfume range had grown and she had built up a very faithful set of customers - people who knew and loved her fragrances and were delighted to have found a Goutal fragrance that suited their personality. Day by day, Annick Goutal's reputation grew by word of mouth, spread by her long-time customers and journalist friends who were utterly convinced of her talent.

  • Our history

    In 1985, the association of Annick Goutal Parfums with the Taittinger group put the House alongside the famed Champagne House and Baccarat Crystal. It also made a significant business launch possible, both in France and abroad, and secured Annick Goutal a place as a true Luxury Perfumery House. Business operations increased abroad through distribution outlets that remained very selective, particularly in the United States. The brand was extremely successful in the USA and ranked number one in certain specialized stores such as Saks and Neiman Marcus. The brand also began to export to the Asian and European markets.

    A second wave of creation began again in 1996, and these newer perfumes strengthened the growing brand with fragrances such as Grand Amour, Eau du Sud Petite Chérie, and then Ce Soir ou Jamais). The catalogue is also completed by a new range of fragrances for the house (candles and home sprays). The media as well has unveiled Annick Goutal's success by publicizing the perfumes worn by celebrities around the world.

  • Our history

    In 1999, Annick Goutal passed away at the age of 53, leaving behind her a legacy of more than 25 unparalleled fragrances. Today, her work is continued by her daughter, Camille Goutal, and Isabelle Doyen, the "noses" of the brand, through a series of unique creations (Mandragore, Songes, Un Matin d’Orage, Ninfeo mio...) which immortalize her world and her beliefs: emotion, creativity, authenticity and excellence.

    In September 2005, Starwood Capital Group acquired Taittinger Group and developed Annick Goutal Parfums respecting the criterions of the niche perfumery market.

    2011 : Repurchase of Annick Goutal Parfums by the Korean group AMORE PACIFIC.