Our Prestige Services

Le Boudoir : our beauty institute

Soins Corps Splendide

Face treatment "La Reine Margot" - 30 mn - 50€

Radiance-booster treatment : cleansing and hydrating

Eye contour treatment "Mme de Maintenon" - 30 mn - 40€

Intensive anti-ageing eye contour treatment

Face treatment "Mme de Montespan" - 45 mn - 70€

Deep-moisturizing face treatment with essential oils

Face treatment "La Castiglione" - 1h - 105€

Tailor-made face treatment : cleansing, exfoliating, mask and massage according to skin diagnosis results

Face treatment for delicate skins "Diane de Poitiers" - 1h - 105€

A treatment designed specifically for sensitive skin using extra-mild products

Face and Neck treatment "Gabrielle d'Estrée" - 1h30 - 145€

Deep-moisturizing face treatment including eye and lip contour : cleansing, exfoliating, mask and modeling massage