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How to choose a perfume ?

« Choosing or changing your perfume is a delicate and important moment. I have so much respect for reflecting on this important choice that I don't like letting my salespeople sell the first time that a customer smells a perfume. I want my boutiques to be a place where you take the time to listen, to observe, to advise.

Inevitably, certain types of women will be attracted to certain perfumes. It is rare that brunettes like me don't like the seductive quality of Passion or Grand Amour. Normally women, who are more pale, with bright grey-blue eyes like Heure Exquise, a fragile and transparent perfume. For redheads, Folavril or Eau d'Hadrien is an immediate fit. Mischievous women are directed towards Eau de Charlotte. And we can always tell the women who were Tubéreuse from their deep dark eyes...But this is not a good reason to avoid other experiences. For a perfect, successful purchase, you have to go home and make sure that the perfume fits well with the odors of your home. You also have to test the reactions of your friends and family. Once I stopped wearing a perfume just because Camille didn't like it!”

Annick Goutal

How to perfume yourself?

« Discreetly. A perfume is a secret between you and yourself. Only your closest friends even know it exists." First step: in the morning, just after a shower with a perfumed gel, splash on an Eau de Toilette, dress, put on makeup, and once ready, spray high a light cloud of perfume. You can spin in this cloud to lightly perfume your hair, clothes - discretely, but intimately. By putting a touch below your ear, in the nape of your neck, like a whispered secret to those you love. At the end: slip into your breast pocket a handkerchief touched with several touches of your favorite perfume."».

Annick Goutal

To smell your perfume even during the day, you can even keep in your handbag a little spray that you can use each time that you want to smell it again. In addition, note that you can unscrew the pomp of all our sprays and that some of our perfumes are refillable. So remember to keep your bottles!

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