The Annick Goutal House

Enjoy a bespoke experience and the luxury of a precious moment.
Rediscover the magic of a perfumery based on Emotion and Creation.

Annick Goutal was passionate about conveying her love of fragrance and nowadays the House is committed to sharing this passion with its clients, who are invited to rediscover the magic of a perfumery based on Creation and Emotion and enjoy an exceptional, timeless experience in the new boutiques.

Reinvented and personalised boutiques

In April 2013, the seven Paris boutiques and the Lyon boutique were given a facelift with a new concept designed by architects Philippe Marcille and Frédéric Depigny.

The result is unique locations each telling their own story. They invite you to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere and enjoy the enchanted interlude of a true experience. The architects have striven to create spaces that go beyond those of a boutique, which offer clients a genuine moment of happiness and poetry. An emotional approach, far removed from a standardised, conspicuous luxury...

Boutique rue de Bellechasse, Paris 7th
Boutique rue de Bellechasse, Paris 7th

The concept: each boutique is a destination in its own right, with a unique atmosphere The architects created different destinations with distinctive elements. They sought to retain the spirit of Annick Goutal, and bring each boutique to life as a personalised space with its own strong identity and soul. They are theatrical environments whose interiors revive the history of the shop, their architecture echoing the neighbourhood.

The philosophy: a multi-faceted experience based on one path Boutiques have always been part of the history of the House. Annick Goutal considered them first and foremost as highly personal spaces that are also open to everyone, designed for moments of sharing.

In this same spirit, the architects decided to focus on highlighting the soul of the House and providing an atmosphere, rather than offering a spectacular stage for the products. By creating an atmosphere that is both intimate and vibrant, bringing in light and freeing up space, the architects have completely redesigned the boutiques so that clients immediately feel at home. The visit becomes a path where everything comes together to suffuse you with the spirit of the boutique, allowing you to be guided by your emotions, in a word, to ‘wonder’.

An enchanting path and a place of introduction

«Nature and all her wonders guide me. Emotions find expression in fragrance. Fragrance is the music of my dreams. Fragrance is my inspiration.»Annick Goutal

As you enter, these words are handwritten in gold calligraphy on the wall of each boutique, like a guiding thread, inviting the guest to experience True Emotion...

Boutique Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6th
Boutique Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6th

The Annick Goutal Experience Take your time. Enjoy the pleasure of discovery. Smell, touch, look...
Walk around the perfume organ and discover the magic of the olfactory creation.

Look at a childhood photo of Annick and of Camille Goutal and immerse yourself in the history of a house suffused with moments of happiness and creation.
Notice how the sophistication of a detail reflects the house’s emotions: the name of a fragrance, a silk ribbon, a butterfly placed on a bottle...

Living spaces In order to provide a path focused on the client, the boutiques are equipped with dedicated, readable areas. Specific tables display the Women’s, Men’s and Home Collections. The service space has been expanded to include a ‘gift’ area, where particular attention has been paid to the pleasure of buying a gift for a loved one or yourself, like a ceremony. A relaxing area where clients can sit and share a moment.

Boutique, Rue de Castiglione, Paris 1er
Boutique, rue de Castiglione, Paris 1st